Our Impact

A tech-driven, community-based approach to restoration

By partnering with Pachama and locally-based project implementers across Latin America, we will leverage the latest technology and scientific expertise to have the greatest impact on climate, local communities and the wildlife that depends on these natural ecosystems. Though our investment has just begun, the saplings we plant today will have lasting impact for decades to come.

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A tech-driven, community-based approach to restoration
By the Numbers

Our Vision for Regenera America

By restoring forests, we are investing in regenerating native ecosystems, conserving biodiversity, generating local employment and training and creating vital ecosystem services like clean air and drinkable water, healthy soil and sustainable food and raw materials.

3,585 Total Hectares
315,069 Tons of Carbon To Be Sequestered
952,790 Tress to be Planted
3,470,000 Trees to be Restored