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2023 Carbon Market Trends

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Insights from Pachama’s experts on a pivotal year for nature and the carbon market.


Whats new in forests?

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In 2023, nature became a ‘main character’ in corporate climate action.

There’s a lot happening in the world of carbon markets. Despite — or perhaps because of — intense media scrutiny over nature-based carbon investments, we’ve seen a number of positive shifts in the VCM this year.

From policy shifts and tech breakthroughs to longer-term nature investments, the evolution of the market reflects increasing recognition of nature’s pivotal role in keeping global warming below 2℃.

Hear from Pachama’s experts on a pivotal year for nature and the carbon market.

Trends to watch 

  1. A buyer’s market for quality conservation credits. While supply of quality ARR credits is limited, REDD+ credits are available. Co-benefit labels are attracting a price premium, a trend we believe is here to stay.
  2. Corporates continue to seek clarity. A new wave of guidance from leading market bodies will help buyers navigate the VCM, which is finding increasing alignment with regulatory requirements.
  3. Nature, backed by tech. The latest IPCC science doubles down on nature as a must-have solution. Meanwhile, breakthroughs in AI-driven carbon mapping will accelerate forest carbon projects.
  4. Brands are going big on nature with a growing focus on biodiversity. Corporate climate strategies are placing more emphasis on nature and biodiversity — and leading brands are talking proudly about their investments.

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