Our story

Pachama’s roots are found in the heart of South America where the rainforest meets the mountains. Pachama’s co-founders, originally from Argentina, were moved to action after witnessing wide-scale deforestation and the early impacts of climate change. Working from the redwood forests of California, they created an organization that combines cutting-edge technology with the latest advances in ecology. Their goal became to take advantage of market mechanisms in order to build a sustainable economy capable of solving climate change and guaranteeing human wellbeing. 

Pachama was founded in 2018 and immediately attracted talented engineers and scientists in addition to the support of investors such as Y Combinator, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, LowerCarbon Capital and the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund. Pachama has since assisted dozens of Fortune 500 corporations in investing in high-quality nature-based carbon credits. Pachama’s work has helped fund projects restoring or protecting more than 1 million hectares of land in 15 different countries.

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Driven by Purpose

Pachama’s team is made up of a multidisciplinary and international group of engineers, scientists, and operators from some of the best organizations in the world including NASA, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI, SpaceX, Tesla, and The Nature Conservancy, among others. Our team is driven by purpose and a deep love for nature and our planet.

  • Kevin_Mehlbrech
    Kevin Mehlbrech Engineering
  • avatar-martha
    Martha Morrissey Machine Learning
  • avatar-kelsey
    Kelsey Josund Machine Learning
  • avatar-harley
    Harley Alexander Software
  • dan_smith_headshot
    Dan Smith Engineering
  • Natalie_Urban
    Natalie Urban Finance
  • Greg FitzGerald
    Greg FitzGerald Finance
  • Nick Harrison headshot
    Nick Harrison Business Development
  • avatar-addie
    Addie Johnson Marketing
  • avatar-gonzalo
    Gonzalo Martinez Software
  • avatar-emma
    Emma Chastain Operations
  • avatar-marie
    Marie Hoeger Engineering
  • avatar-abby
    Abby Glackin Sales
  • Rustom_Birdie
    Rustom Birdie Sales
  • Johanna (Jo) Jensen
    Johanna Jensen Science
  • Sebastien_Martin
    Sebastien Martin Engineering
  • Kim LeVine Headshot
    Kim LeVine Operations
  • Kate Krauskopf crop
    Kate Krauskopf Accounting
  • andrea-1
    Andrea Castillo Supply
  • avatar-parker
    Parker Irving Software
  • Liang (Alan) Xu
    Liang (Alan) Xu Science
  • avatar-levi
    Levi Malott Engineering
  • gabe-chapin
    Gabe Chapin Origination
  • avatar-tyler
    Tyler Johnson Sales Operations
  • Mattea Fleischner
    Mattea Fleischner Supply
  • avatar-allison
    Allison Handunge Client Success
  • avatar-carly
    Carly Keller Supply
  • catherine-charnov
    Catherine Charnov Carbon Solutions
  • avatar-josh
    Josh Parrish Origination
  • andrea
    Andrea Sassenrath Product
  • Ignacio_SanMiguel_1
    Ignacio San Miguel Sanchez Machine Learning
  • avatar-rodrigo
    Rodrigo Wanderley Origination
  • Max_Yancho
    Max Yancho Science
  • Andrew_Campbell
    Andrew Campbell Software
  • avatar-michael
    Michael Wang Finance
  • Katy_Evans
    Katy Evans Engineering
  • avatar-noah
    Noah Golmant Machine Learning
  • Hannah Schlesinger
    Hannah Schlesinger Strategy and Operations
  • Nick Sakovitch
    Nick Sakovitch Accounting
  • avatar-eva
    Eva Vasilova Software
  • avatar-kelly
    Kelly Rytel Client Success
  • avatar-rachel
    Rachel Engstrand Science Operations
  • Felix_Dorrek_2
    Felix Dorrek Machine Learning
  • Manisha-Naidu (1)
    Manisha Naidu Engineering
  • avatar-heidi
    Heidi Hurst Engineering
  • Will_Merritt
    Will Merritt Science
  • Ale_Vizio
    Alejandro Vizio Design
  • avatar-cait
    Cait Harding Marketing
  • avatar-ailin
    Ailin Yu Engineering
  • avatar-hanna
    Hannah Edgerly Marketing
  • avatar-henrrietta-2
    Henrrietta Nkrumah People Operations
  • Guy-Pinjuv
    Guy Pinjuv Science
  • avatar-jesse
    Jesse Gibson Supply
  • Dick_Cameron
    Dick Cameron Science
  • avatar-carlos
    Carlos Silva Science
  • avatar-beau
    Beau Gordon Design
  • Philip-Bjorge
    Philip Bjorge Engineering
  • 1495268
    Tomas Aftalion Co-founder & Head of X
  • avatar-diego
    Diego Saez Gil Co-Founder & CEO
  • Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo
    Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo Marketing
  • avatar-aron
    Aron Gates Infrastructure
  • Leo_Santiago
    Leo Santiago Supply
  • jesse-mosier
    Jesse Mosier Legal
  • Jeffrey-Seifried
    Jeffrey Seifried Engineering
  • Jamie_Durfee
    Jamie Durfee Recruiting
  • Lindsey_Nield
    Lindsey Nield Machine Learning
  • avatar-david
    David Bochner Business Development
  • avatar-cindy
    Cindy Chiang Carbon Solutions

What Pachama means

Pachama was named in honor of Pachamama, the Mother Earth goddess for the indigenous people of South America.

We are looking for future team members to join us in creating a healthier planet.

Partnering with leading brands around the world

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Some of our investors

Ryan Graves Saltwater Founder
Chris Sacca Lowercase Founder
Paul Graham Y Combinator Founder
Shana Fisher Third Kind Founder
Tobi Lutke Shopify Founder
Tim Schumacher Ecosia Founder
Azeem Azhar Exponential View Founder
Miguel Nogales Generation Founding Partner
Alexis Ohanian 776 Founder
Claire Hughes Johnson Stripe Corporate Officer and Advisor
Tim O'Reilly O'Reilly Media Founder and CEO
Manu Ginobili Investor and Professional Basketball Player
Scott Belsky Adobe Chief Product Officer
Lenny Rachitsky Author and Investor
Seth Goldman Honest Tea Co-Founder

Learn more about our work

Introducing Pachama’s Project Evaluation Criteria 2.1

In September 2022, we overhauled our evaluation process with Project Evaluation Criteria 2.0. We aimed to raise our quality bar and advance a more transparent, high-integrity carbon market. Building on months of learnings and technology advancements, we are excited to introduce a number of improvements with a version update.

Building the Modern Carbon Market the Planet Demands

A series of recent publications and news articles have questioned the credibility of forest carbon credits, specifically citing over-crediting. Pachama has long recognized this problem, which is why we have been building technology solutions including an algorithmic approach to computing dynamic baselines.

A Path Forward for High-Integrity Carbon Crediting

A series of recent publications and news articles have questioned the credibility of forest carbon credits, specifically citing over-crediting. Pachama has long recognized this problem, which is why we have been building technology solutions including an algorithmic approach to computing dynamic baselines.