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Customer success story: Shopify

How a climate leader is building a sustainability strategy with integrity and innovation at the forefront.
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Leading the charge in environmental stewardship

Shopify stands out as a trailblazer in sustainability, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship that transcends its core business operations. Among its most impressive initiatives is the Sustainability Fund, a testament to Shopify’s proactive investment in high-impact projects worldwide. These investments serve as catalysts, igniting a movement towards carbon-neutral practices and setting a bold new standard for corporate responsibility.

As part of its ongoing dedication, Shopify has rolled out ambitious programs like free carbon-neutral shipping during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. By calculating and mitigating the carbon emissions of each shipment, Shopify reinforces its pledge to protect the planet, aligning seamlessly with the growing consumer demand for sustainable practices.

Shopify also champions tools like the Planet app, empowering sellers to offer carbon-neutral deliveries year-round, and Shop Pay, where every customer order funds carbon removal at no extra cost. Both initiatives cement Shopify’s role as a vanguard in fostering sustainable practices and underscoring the importance of collective action in attaining climate goals.

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Forging a path for quality reforestation projects

Shopify encountered significant challenges in identifying top-tier nature projects, with few options due to a lack of project quality. However, driven by a recognition of the urgency of the climate crisis, Shopify sought to overcome this obstacle.

In a strategic move, Shopify partnered with Pachama to tackle this challenge. After years of carbon credit purchases of Pachama-verified forest projects, the company embarked on a new initiative: Águas da Mata Atlântica, a Pachama Originals project. With a bold investment of $3.37 million, Shopify committed to reforesting 200 hectares of land, projected to remove 45,000 tons of carbon over 17 years. 

The significance of this project extends far beyond carbon sequestration. By rejuvenating vital ecosystems, Shopify aims to deliver essential water benefits to local communities, foster job creation, and establish critical wildlife corridors. This holistic approach epitomizes Shopify’s commitment not only to addressing climate change but also to uplifting communities.

Stacy Kauk, Head of Sustainability at Shopify, acknowledges the pivotal role of Pachama in overcoming previous challenges. “Pachama’s approach sets a high standard for quality. Its cutting-edge technology, including satellite imagery and AI, provides precise measurement of carbon removed, ensuring the impact of Shopify’s credit purchase from the Águas da Mata Atlântica project.”

Diego Saez-Gil, CEO of Pachama, echoes this sentiment, stating, “Just as Shopify empowers businesses worldwide, we aspire to connect our partners with the tools they need to craft impactful nature-based projects from scratch and to provide buyers with complete transparency to confidently invest in initiatives backed by thorough due diligence.”


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Setting the standard for collective climate action

To date, the Águas da Mata Atlântica team has completed the initial phase of tree planting, covering an impressive 70 hectares. As it transitions into the maintenance phase, the focus will shift to ensuring the sustainability of the site. Pachama is employing advanced technology like LiDAR for precise tree characterization and continuous monitoring of forest growth and carbon sequestration, ensuring the transparency and accuracy of reforestation efforts.

This collaborative endeavor, supported by advanced methodologies, establishes a new standard for corporate responsibility. As we advance towards a greener future, Shopify encourages others to participate in the drive to tackle climate change and protect our forests.



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