Integrate carbon credits into your products and services

Pachama is building an API so that you can easily integrate our exchange with your product or service. Offer your customers and partners quality credits from forest projects verified by Pachama’s remote sensing and machine learning technology. Interested? Join the waitlist and be the first one to know when the API is widely available.

The Exchange API will empower you to:

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    Easily incorporate sustainability
    Seamlessly link with your product or service. Manually tracking emissions and calculating carbon credits is a thing of the past.
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    Purchase with trust and transparency
    Select from carbon sequestration and conservation projects accredited by top registration bodies and verified by Pachama’s technology.
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    Access data analytics on your impact
    Access the complete history of purchases through Pachama's API, including information about the quantity of credits retired over time.
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    Explore and select projects
    Sort, analyze and select forest carbon projects based on attributes including location, biomass, and community involvement.