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Take action in 3 simple steps


Set up Organization

Add your organization name, logo, and invite team members as buyers, viewers and admins.


Purchase Credits

Purchase carbon credits and manage orders on behalf of your organization.


Share Your Impact

Receive a branded impact page and resources to help you share about your impact.


Build your reputation for climate action

Lead by example and inspire other organizations when you share about your support of forest projects.

We make it easy to tell your story:

  • Share your automatically-generated impact page
  • Receive marketing assets and guidance
  • Follow best practices from the Pachama community

Manage carbon credits at scale

Robust trade management tools give you the visibility and control you need to coordinate, track, and audit carbon credit purchases across diverse teams.

Your organization can:

  • View and audit purchase history
  • Download carbon credit certificates (coming soon)
  • Invite members and manage roles and access
  • Track the status of open orders

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When you sign up for Pachama, your individual account is created using your email and name. Once you are logged into your individual account, you can then add an organization using or join one that you have been invited to join). Use the admin panel to easily toggle between accounts.

If you are purchasing credits on behalf of an organization, such as your company or other group, for your organization’s sustainability goals, you should consider creating an Organization. If you are purchasing for personal use, use your individual account. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

You can invite other team members to purchase additional carbon credits or who help you track your carbon credits to ensure you meet internal goals. Any purchases other team members make for your organization stay tied to your organization even if they are removed from your member list later.

After you place your order, the Pachama team ensures that carbon credits are “retired’ from the applicable registry for your organization. This ensures no one else can re-sell those credits. After that retirement is completed, you will receive your carbon credit confirmation and your order should appear on your impact page. This process may take up to two weeks.

Organizations often measure their emissions footprint as part of a larger carbon neutrality program which should include measurement, reduction, and then offsetting. Read more about that process. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your footprint, want access to our simple footprint calculator, or would like recommendations from our team.


Your business is capable of real impact

We help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. Help reach net zero by offsetting emissions while protecting and regrowing forests.

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