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Avahoula Climate Mitigation Project: The Value of Restoring Forested Wetlands

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Located in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley in Louisiana, the Avahoula Climate Action Project will restore 7,200 acres by planting over three million native bottomland hardwood trees, protected from future deforestation through a permanent easement.

We partnered with Earth Economics to quantify the benefits that the restoration of this critical area will deliver for biodiversity, ecosystem services, and local communities.

Project impacts by the numbers

  • 840K tons of carbon sequestered over 40 years.
  • $2.7 billion provided for new and permanently protected ecosystem services.
  • $170 million in climate resilience benefits generated.
  • 67,000+ Louisiana residents benefit from Avahoula’s impacts.
  • 12k-23K migratory waterfowl are supported annually by the restoration of food sources.
  • $80 million in new ecosystem services created every year.
  • $180k–$400k provided annually for improved recreational experiences.

Read the Earth Economics report to learn how Avahoula will support biodiversity, improve ecosystem services, and benefit local communities.

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How the Avahoula Climate Mitigation Project is catalyzing a Louisiana Revival

The past 20 years have seen unprecedented environmental destruction in Louisiana due to the lingering impact of Hurricane Katrina, the emergence of the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, and deforestation equating to 75% of the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Pachama and Delta Land Services seek to catalyze a Louisiana Revival by restoring 6,000 acres of floodplain, providing vast climate, biodiversity, and community benefits.

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