Meet your climate goals

Companies leading on climate are investing in nature. Adjust the timeline
below for your carbon credit needs and see how you stack up to your peers. 

  • Credits for 2024

    Meet your near-term climate targets with a one-time purchase.

  • Credits for 2025-2029

    Meet your mid-term climate targets with a multi-year investment.

  • Credits for 2030 & beyond

    Meet your long-term climate targets by investing in the next generation of projects.

You’re in good company!

Most companies investing in nature start with annual purchases.

You’re amongst climate leaders!

Sophisticated companies are locking in the best projects at a fixed price with multi-year investments.

You’re a trailblazer!

Only the most innovative companies are making their mark by investing in projects from the ground up.

Climate leaders worldwide are investing with Pachama

Reimagining your company’s relationship with nature


Support local communities

Create well-paying jobs, education and clean air and water for critical stakeholders around the world.


Build resilience

Future-proof your business by restoring the vital natural systems critical to your operations.


Lead with action

Show what real climate action looks like with investments that transform communities, ecosystems and the climate for years to come

The Pachama difference

Invest in quality backed by deep due diligence

Confidently invest in the highest-quality forest carbon projects with comprehensive climate, community, and biodiversity insights. Each Pachama project is carefully vetted by our technology and forest scientists to make your due diligence easy.


Build a resilient nature strategy 

Tap into Pachama’s expertise to navigate the carbon market and craft a custom nature portfolio to meet your goals. From compensation strategies to making claims, our team of science and policy experts is there to support you on your climate action journey.

See your impact 
in action

Follow your project’s performance over time and have confidence that it’s delivering the impact it claims to. Pachama’s portal enables you to monitor forest change, track biodiversity, and see how funds are being used on the ground.

Our Tech

  • Assess the baseline

    Pachama has built the first AI-based tool to measure baselines dynamically. Using satellite data and machine learning models, we can observe the on-the-ground impact of a carbon project over time, increasing confidence in a project’s baseline integrity. 

  • Monitor forest cover change

    While most projects today are only monitored every 3 to 7 years, we provide continual visibility across an entire bioregion. Using high-resolution satellite imagery and cloud-penetrating radar, we track forest change in and around forest projects over time.

  • Track biodiversity impacts

    Leveraging global biodiversity data and on-the-ground tracking, we offer leading insights into conservation and restoration impacts on biodiversity, species extinction risks, and top regional threats.


“We’re able to utilize Pachama’s tools to see our carbon impact — not just at the point of buying, but on an ongoing basis.”

Since 2021, Boston Consulting Group has partnered with Pachama to invest in high-quality forest carbon projects. Their leading climate strategy is defining a new vision for corporate climate action.


Build your nature strategy

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