Meet your climate commitments with Pachama

Near Term Credits

With Pachama VerifiedTM, invest in existing high-quality forest conservation and restoration projects vetted by our rigorous evaluation process.

Credits for 2030 & Beyond

With Pachama OriginalsTM, start a reforestation project from the ground up, making catalytic investments in the next generation of tech-enabled forest carbon projects.

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The Pachama Difference

Pachama harnesses remote sensing technology to see what traditional methods can’t.

Invest in Quality

Choose from technology-verified forest restoration and conservation projects across the globe. Each forest carbon project on our marketplace is carefully vetted by Pachama technology and forest scientists so that you can be confident your investments reduce carbon, protect wildlife and support local communities.

Monitor Projects Over Time

Continuously monitor project performance to ensure the longevity of your investment. Pachama’s cutting-edge technology uses high-frequency forest data to detect deforestation signals and enable you to take early action.

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Communicate with Confidence

When you invest in nature, you invest in rich biodiversity, local communities, and lower emissions. Pachama makes it easy to share your impact with evocative imagery, data visualizations, and intuitive reporting.

Introducing the next generation of nature-based projects

Pachama Originals

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Go Beyond.

Today, there simply aren’t enough forest restoration and conservation projects to move at the pace the planet demands. So now, we’re applying our technology every step of the way to create the highest integrity, transparent and impactful forest carbon projects from the ground up. Pachama Originals unlocks the next generation of nature-based projects.

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