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Access intuitive tools to develop carbon projects, get funding, and measure impact.

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Secure funds for your project

Apply for funding to access leading corporates and investors currently financing quality projects.


Easily assess land eligibility and carbon potential

Tap into Pachama’s forest expertise via automated technology to identify land with the highest potential for carbon financing.


Get the highest price
for your credits

Get insight into the characteristics that buyers want to design the highest value projects.

Climate leaders worldwide are investing through Pachama


How it works

Pachama’s technology tools make ​​forest carbon projects simple, from planting seeds to selling credits.

Step 1

Screen your project concept

Check if your concept qualifies as a reforestation carbon project for free.

Step 2

Qualify your project

Design project plans informed by buyer insights and apply for financing.

Step 3

Commit to contracts

Finalize legal agreements and efficiently navigate the investor due diligence process to secure financing.

Step 4

Execute restoration

Secure seedlings, plant trees and monitor progress over time enabled by remote sensing technology.

Step 5

Issue credits and maintain

Efficiently register your project, get credits, connect with buyers, monitor project impacts and expand.


Mercado Libre is partnering with Pachama to originate a new generation of forest projects.

Mercado Libre has partnered with Pachama to invest $23.7 million in projects across Brazil and Mexico as part of their flagship program, Regenera América.

Superpower your project with Pachama's technology

  • Assess land eligibility

    Get an early assessment of an area’s eligibility for native reforestation carbon project development based on factors like land cover, vegetation history, and natural risks. 

  • Get carbon estimates in seconds

    Easily calculate the carbon potential of your project area with visibility into conservative and optimistic estimates based on a range of key factors.  

  • Analyze profit potential

    Find out if your project will be financially viable based on project size, credit yield projections, and anticipated costs. 


Where Pachama currently supports projects

world-map-65c3d931481bb flag-usa UNITED STATES Mask group Mexico flag-brazil-1 Brazil

Pachama is supporting reforestation carbon project development in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil with plans to expand to additional countries in Latin America this year.

Pachama connections

Access funding

Climate leaders worldwide are investing in carbon credits through Pachama. Apply for funding to access leading corporates and investors currently financing quality projects. 


  • Who is the reforestation partner portal for?

    Whether you have land and are considering starting your own forest carbon project or an established project developer tackling your next effort, you can leverage Pachama’s technology and finance matching to jump-start your next project.

    Currently, Pachama’s reforestation partner portal is for anyone looking to start a native reforestation carbon project in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, or Argentina. We plan to expand project types and regions in the future.

  • What are reforestation carbon projects?

    Reforestation and afforestation projects, part of a category of projects known as ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation), restore degraded land back to forest or create forest infrastructure where none existed before. These projects’ credits are carbon removal credits because planting trees draws carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. They differ from other nature-based forest carbon projects that focus on avoidance, such as conservation projects, which aim to protect existing forests from deforestation, or improved forest management projects, which employ advanced techniques to improve the carbon storage potential of an existing working forest.

    While Pachama’s partner portal hopes to support the origination of future conservation projects, we currently focus primarily on reforestation carbon projects.

  • Is it free for developers to use Pachama’s reforestation portal?

    Yes! Getting started with Pachama is free for project partners and requires no commitment. Pachama enables partners to apply to receive up-front capital in order to cover the costs of project implementation.

  • How does project financing work?

    Pachama is a trusted partner of leading corporates and investors taking climate action through investments in nature. Through the reforestation portal, project developers can showcase their projects to Pachama’s network of potential investors and customers.

    Pachama brings transaction expertise to support contract structures that benefit buyers and sellers. Pachama supports an up-front investment model, where either corporate off-takers make an upfront investment in exchange for 100% of carbon credits generated from a project, or a project is backed by investment until credits can be generated and sold.

  • Why is Pachama interested in supporting reforestation projects?

    At Pachama, we’re convinced that forests are the world’s most scalable carbon removal technology and will play a decisive role in helping prevent the worst effects of climate change. In doing so, forests will create sustainable jobs, protect biodiversity and strengthen ecosystem services.

    To achieve our goal of driving the conservation and reforestation of forests, Pachama works with values-aligned and mission-driven project developers to bring the highest-quality forest carbon projects to market.

    Pachama uniquely offers both financing and technology to project developers in order to accelerate our shared mission.

    Learn more about Pachama’s approach to quality reforestation projects here.

  • What registry methodologies does Pachama currently support?

    Pachama currently supports carbon project development under the upcoming new Verra Carbon Standard ARR methodology (for afforestation, reforestation, and revegetation project activities with plans to expand in the future.


Develop your forest carbon project

Access intuitive tools to start carbon projects, secure funding, and measure impact.