Project impact at a glance


hectare restoration potential


trees planted per hectare


hectares restored in 2024

40 year

crediting period


Reconnecting forest fragments

Once a continuous expanse, Mata Atlântica now survives in isolated patches. These fragmented islands, surrounded by urbanization and agriculture, sever wildlife corridors, causing genetic isolation and reducing biodiversity. The project will restore a once-dense rainforest, creating corridors across two national parks, Parque Monte Pascoal and Parque Pau Brasil, in a macro-region that spans 40,000 hectares.

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project impacts

Benefits go beyond carbon

This project will also support the environment, biodiversity, and local communities, including: 

  • Building ecological corridors: located in one of the world’s most biodiverse biomes, the project aims to establish an ecological corridor that enables wildlife to move between two national parks: Monte Pascoal National Park and Pau Brasil National Park.
  • Engaging Indigenous communities: the project intends to work closely with Indigenous communities and engage them in nursery development and seedling procurement.
  • Developing a restorative green economy: three nurseries have been created, providing over 20+ direct local jobs and 50+ jobs for restoration activities at the project site.

Pachama technology

See project impacts in action

Harnessing remote sensing and AI technology, Pachama delivers high-integrity carbon accounting, deep project design diligence, and unprecedented insight into ongoing impacts. 

Pachama Originals buyers will have access to:

  • Project progress tracking
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Project diligence and carbon accounting
  • Delivery and retirement tracking