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Your tool to find the world’s best forest projects and track their performance over time.

Project evaluation

Find the world’s highest-quality projects backed by deep due diligence


  • Confidently invest in projects that meet industry-leading quality standards 
  • Expedite your due diligence with robust data across 11+ checks
  • Dive into quality factors that matter to you with interactive visuals 

Biodiversity insights

See how your projects protect wildlife


  • Quantify conservation or restoration impacts on biodiversity
  • Understand species extinction risks and regional threats
  • Learn about charismatic species in the area

Carbon monitoring

Continually track forest change


  • Ensure the longevity of your climate impact with ongoing visibility 
  • Confidently communicate your project’s continued climate benefits
  • Mitigate risk with  tech that detects early deforestation signals 

Project updates

Get biodiversity, community and climate updates straight from the field


  • Wildlife sitings from camera trap footage
  • Local stories and community impacts
  • Carbon benefit reporting and ongoing monitoring 

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