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hectares planted 2024-2025


trees planted 2024-2025


native species planted

40 year

crediting period

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Collaborating with local landowners

The project will compensate landowners for restoring bottomland hardwood forests, ensuring permanence through a series of conservation easements. The initial phase includes four distinct properties spanning 570 hectares. In 2024, phase two will include reforesting an additional 650 hectares.

The project is part of a coalition of partners that hopes to restore and protect two million acres of forest in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, pictured here, over the next two decades.

Are you a landowner in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, interested in getting involved? 

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project impacts

Benefits go beyond carbon

This project will also support the environment, biodiversity, and local communities, including: 

  • Purifying water: the location and use of highly specialized bottomland tree species will reduce nutrient runoff to the Gulf of Mexico, enhance water quality for aquatic communities, and decrease flood risk and erosion.
  • Protecting a biodiversity hotspot: the Mississippi River Valley has diverse habitats, including floodplains, emergent wetlands, and swamps, representing a critical migratory pathway for 60% of North America’s bird species and 40% of the US’s waterfowl.
  • Safeguarding local communities: project activities will create green jobs through logistics and tree planting while protecting communities with a stronger forest infrastructure. 

Pachama originals technology

See project impacts in action

Harnessing remote sensing and AI technology, Pachama delivers high-integrity carbon accounting, deep project design diligence, and unprecedented insight into ongoing impacts. 

Pachama Originals buyers will have access to:

  • Project progress tracking
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Project diligence and carbon accounting
  • Delivery and retirement tracking

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