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Providing sanctuary for the annual monarch migration

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve hosts one of the most spectacular migratory phenomena. Each year, billions of monarch butterflies from the USA and Canada migrate to the forests of Michoacán, Mexico, to hibernate. However, agricultural practices in the USA and Canada, coupled with deforestation in Mexico, threaten this natural phenomenon

The Monarch Sanctuary project is dedicated to restoring forests in the reserve’s buffer zone to extend and safeguard the butterfly’s winter habitat. To successfully restore this land, the project will directly partner with ejidos and local landowners.

project impacts

Benefits go beyond carbon

This project will also support the environment, biodiversity, and local communities, including: 

  • A uniquely impactful location: protects and extends the iconic Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, preserving the winter habitat of millions of migrating butterflies. 
  • Community-focused: works with local ejidos and private landowners to identify needs and co-design project activities that will provide alternative means of livelihood such as agroforestry, silvopasture, and fruit trees.
  •  Benefit sharing: allocates 25% of credits to landowners, fostering shared project ownership and incentivizing sustainable land management.

Pachama originals technology

See project impacts in action

Harnessing remote sensing and AI technology, Pachama delivers high-integrity carbon accounting, deep project design diligence, and unprecedented insight into ongoing impacts. 

Pachama Originals buyers will have access to:

  • Project progress tracking
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Project diligence and carbon accounting
  • Delivery and retirement tracking