Impact by the Numbers


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Current Progress

As of August 2022, the project has accomplished 100% of the 2022 planting goal with 300 hectares restored across the Fazenda Vida and Fazenda Santa Rosa farms. In six months, 523,650 native trees were planted with the support of 5 community-based nurseries.

of total implementation goal complete

Reconnecting Forest Fragments

The Atlantic Forest was once an unbroken biome a quarter of the size of the Amazon. After centuries of catastrophic deforestation, only 12% of the original forest remains in fragments. Corridors for Life aims to reconnect these forest fragments with ecological corridors. Mercado Libre’s support has facilitated the planting of two critical farms that will help achieve this goal, Fazenda Vida and Fazenda Santa Rosa.

Benefits Go Beyond Carbon

Not only does Corridors for Life have powerful climate benefits, it also has an outsized impact on local communities and biodiversity. The project will provide livelihoods for 1,000 families, produce 100 species of native trees for planting, and monitor 40 species of fauna to guide corridor planning.

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Pachama’s Technology

Using technology every step of the way, Pachama helps leading companies invest directly in high-quality reforestation projects with unprecedented transparency and accuracy. Pachama uses Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) to characterize the structure of the trees before planting, serving as a baseline for future carbon measurement. Pictured below is the LiDAR baseline gathered from the Fazenda Santa Rosa farm. Over the next few decades, remote sensing will be continuously deployed to measure forest growth and estimate the carbon sequestered.

What's new?

Corridors for Life Recent News

February 8th, 2022

PDD public consultation closed, without any issues, and currently under VVB validation.