Illustration by Bulat Zalyaev

Using the lights, driving a car, traveling via air, and so many other everyday actions release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That extra CO2 is not able to be taken up by the land and oceans and sits in the air, changing the global climate. There is now more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has been in hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of years.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Leading-edge companies are pledging to reduce their net CO2 emissions to zero, or promising to go carbon neutral. Going carbon neutral is

The first step is always to reduce emissions as much as possible. When businesses can’t reduce emissions to zero, leaders choose to purchase carbon offsets to balance their emissions with carbon capturing projects, like restoring forests, elsewhere in the world on the voluntary carbon credit market.

Forest carbon offsets are one of the most effective solutions to climate change.

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The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn Ralph Waldo Emerson