At Pachama, we’re on a mission to protect and restore nature to solve climate change. We’re a small team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, with a big mission. To achieve this ambitious mission we need to surround ourselves with incredible people who can help us think through our challenges and make sure we build in the right direction.

Today, we’re proud to welcome three new advisors to our newly formed Advisory Board, Dr. Joan Maloof, Josh Henretig, and Scott Harrison.

Dr. Joan Maloof is a renowned forest scientist, author of several books about forests, and founder of Old-Growth Forests Network, a non-profit with the mission close to our hearts of conserving forests. Dr. Maloof is a champion in protecting and preserving old-growth and ancestral forests throughout the United States. Dr. Maloof is a pioneer in the value of our existing forests. When forest owners, whether private or governmental, sell their forest for income from the wood fiber or from agricultural conversion, they are adversely affecting ecosystem services for the whole planet, including carbon capture,” said Dr. Maloof.

Josh Henretig is the former Senior Director of Sustainability and AI for Earth at Microsoft and a key architect of Microsoft’s Carbon Offset program. At Microsoft, he championed the reduction of energy, carbon, water and waste, and implemented Microsoft’s AI for Earth tools. Josh provides insight into the challenges of carbon programs today and how Pachama can solve them: In a world that desperately needs more transparency if we are going to work together to avoid the worst impacts of a rapidly changing climate, Pachama offers a way forward.”

Scott Harrison is the founder of charity: water, a successful non-profit which provides access to clean water to more than 10 million people. Mr. Harrison is known for his commitment and contributions to create more transparency and accountability among non-profits and humanitarian projects. “At charity:water, we understand the importance of accountability. We prove the impact of each dollar raised by tracking every water project via photos and GPS. What appealed to me about Pachama’s business model is that it’s bringing a new, higher level of accountability to the carbon credit industry through AI technology,” said Scott of his new role.

Together, this team of advisors bring a combined background and expertise in forest science, corporate sustainability and social impact. Their support will be key for our team to plan and execute our plans aimed at unlocking the full potential of forests and nature to solve climate change. We are delighted to welcome them to Pachama and look forward to working together in this exciting journey.

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn Ralph Waldo Emerson