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This Is Not a Tree

  • This is a thriving community.
  • This is an asset for your company.
  • This is a job creator.
  • This is a clean water source.
  • This is home to 20 different animal species.
  • This is a carbon capturing machine.

This is Climate Action

Invest from the ground up, locking in climate, community and biodiversity impact for generations to come

We started Pachama with the mission of restoring nature to solve climate change, harnessing the latest advancements in satellite data and machine learning to ensure the quality of nature-based carbon credits.

But today, there simply aren’t enough forest restoration and conservation projects to move at the pace the planet demands. So now, we’re applying our technology every step of the way to create the highest integrity, transparent and impactful forest carbon projects that will stand the test of time.

With Pachama Originals, you can invest in your very own high-quality forest projects from the ground up, secure credits to reach Net Zero, and make a transformative impact on communities and ecosystems for generations to come. Pachama Originals enables real climate leaders to Go Beyond.

See Pachama Originals in Action

Developed in collaboration with Delta Land Services, LLC, the Avahoula Climate Action Project seeks to reforest an area greater than 5,400 football fields in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.

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Make a Catalytic Investment in Nature

Invest in your own best-in-class project, locking in credits at a fixed rate for decades to come.

Lock in a Fixed Price for Decades

Source: EY Net Zero Centre report, 2022; Pachama Originals fixed price outlook for average reforestation project

The demand for quality, nature-based credits is outpacing supply. Prices are projected to rise 6x by 20351 and have climbed 60% in the past year alone.2 As the scrutiny around these projects continues to increase, the pressure to make smart investments has never been greater.

Source: EY Net Zero Centre report, 2022; Ecosystem Marketplace State of Voluntary Carbon Markets, 2022

Your Investment in a Pachama Originals Project Provides:

  • Guaranteed supply of carbon credits to meet your long-term goals
  • A low, fixed rate for future carbon credits
  • High quality, independently validated carbon credits
  • Derisked investment fueled by tech-enabled insights throughout the project lifetime
Invest in Originals

Use Tech at Every Turn

We’ve unlocked a new generation of forest investment by minimizing risk, improving transparency, and dramatically accelerating the time from project creation to credit.

With tech at the forefront, Pachama enhances project design, tracks project performance, and brings unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to carbon credit issuance. By surfacing data in one intuitive portal, companies get complete transparency into the ongoing health and impact of their project.

Find the Best Projects

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Pachama analyzes regional characteristics to find the ideal project areas that will ensure your investment delivers the maximum impact on the climate, communities, and local wildlife.

Track and Share Progress Over Time

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Pachama's suite of in-the-sky and on-the-ground technology, paired with machine learning, enables you to monitor progress and identify potential risks sooner.

Modernize Credit Issuance

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Pachama's digital measurement, reporting, and verification (DMRV) tools will take the manual processes of issuing credits from years to minutes, bringing all the rigor of traditional methods at a fraction of the cost.

Protect Life on Earth

Restore habitats, create well-paying jobs, and honor indigenous lands and practices.

Sound is on

When you invest in nature with Pachama, you have the power to build long-lasting programs that enrich the lives of humans, animals, and plants alike for generations to come. Every Pachama Originals project places local communities and ecosystems at the center, leveraging technology to provide unprecedented, continuous transparency into the true impact of every dollar.

With an origination project, you’re not only securing carbon credits, you’re protecting life by:

  • Supporting local communities with fair wages, educational programs, transparent financials and profit sharing
  • Tracking movements of local wildlife with bioacoustic sensors
  • Restoring ecosystems by planting native species and enhancing water filtration

Drive Lasting Impact With Local Partners

Our teams on the ground bring decades of experience and deep connections with the land and local communities.

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Project Partners

To ensure your project delivers against its intended carbon, ecological and social impacts, we conduct an extensive review process with rigorous standards when looking for the perfect project partners. We only create lasting partnerships with individuals and organizations who:

  • Are embedded within the local communities and ecosystems

  • Have proven experience of large-scale forest conservation and restoration

  • Are engaged and aligned with our values of integrity and transparency

  • Are invested in the legacy and fulfillment of the project for future generations

Our Community-First Approach

By working with partners who are deeply embedded in local communities, we create trust and build projects that have real, lasting impact for generations to come.

We help project partners secure the upfront funding they need to get started quickly, providing financial transparency for companies to track investments in land, nurseries, jobs, seedlings, research and more.

Become a Project Partner

Craft a Lasting Legacy

Share the meaningful, real-life impact of your investment with customers, employees and investors.

With the data in your personalized Pachama® Portal, you’ll be able to share regular glimpses of life on the ground, from communities receiving payments, animals returning to their homes or lush new growth in a now thriving ecosystem.

Your investment in an exclusive Pachama Originals project is the evidence that sets you and your company apart as a discerning and sophisticated sustainability pioneer—a serious climate action champion delivering real change that customers will rally behind.

Your Pachama Originals project is a measurable, living, breathing impact that couldn’t have happened without your investment. It’s an opportunity to give back, build trust and inspire those around you for decades to come.

This is Not a Tree

This is the evolution of your climate strategy.
This is how you show the world you’re serious about climate action.
This is how you show the world what side of history you want to be on.

Nature can’t wait. Why should you? It’s time to exceed expectations and help all of humanity

Go Beyond.

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